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Will This Love Last? A Tarot Spread for Relationship Clarity

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship, starting a new one or want to know about the potential of one with that person, this tarot reading is designed to shed light on the potential longevity of the relationship and offer guidance for navigating its future.

The Crossroads Spread: Unveiling Your Relationship’s Path

Feeling a flicker of doubt about your relationship’s longevity? You’re not alone. Many couples grapple with this uncertainty. But fret no more! The Crossroads Spread, a powerful tarot divination tool, can illuminate the path your love is on.

This spread delves into the very foundation of your connection, the challenges you face today, and the influence you and your partner have on the relationship’s direction. Finally, the Path card reveals the most likely outcome based on your current course.

Remember, the future is not set in stone. By understanding the underlying dynamics and potential roadblocks, you can make conscious choices to nurture the connection or explore a different path.


  1. Foundation (Past): This card represents the groundwork of your relationship. It reflects the initial spark, core values, and past experiences that brought you together.

  2. Crossroads (Present): This card highlights the current state of your relationship. Are you at a crossroads facing challenges or a period of stability?

  3. You (Your Influence): This card explores your personal desires, actions, and doubts regarding the relationship’s future.

  4. Partner (Their Influence): This card unveils your partner’s perspective, desires, and potential hidden feelings towards the relationship’s longevity.

  5. The Path (Outcome): This card reveals the most likely trajectory of your relationship based on the current course. It’s not a set fate, but an indication that can be influenced by your choices.

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