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Discover your future with free and accurate tarot readings for love, career, and daily guidance at

Discover Your Future with Free Tarot Readings

Accurate readings for love, career, and daily guidance. Get Your Free Reading Now!

Welcome to Tarot Yourself also known asTarot7, your ultimate destination for insightful and accurate tarot readings. Whether you’re seeking guidance on love, career, money, health or daily life decisions, our free tarot readings offer you clarity and wisdom.

Dive into the mystical world of tarot with our expert-designed readings, tailored to answer your most pressing questions. From relationship advice to personal growth insights, Tarot Yourself is here to help you navigate your journey with confidence.

Explore our wide range of readings and discover what the cards reveal about your future. Start your spiritual journey today and uncover the secrets that lie ahead.

Love Tarot Readings

Tailored Tarot Readings by email

Email readings provide a convenient way to receive tarot insights without appointments, allowing you to read at your own pace. You get a complete written record with card images, eliminating the need for note-taking and ensuring all information is neatly organized for future reference.

Ex-Partner Readings

Daily Tarot Readings

Yes-No Tarot Readings

Tarot7: The Progressive Web App for Tarot Readings

Tarot7: Scary Accurate Tarot ReadingsTarot7 is the Progressive Web App (PWA) integrated within Tarot Yourself, designed to offer users seamless and interactive tarot reading experiences. As a PWA, Tarot7 combines the best features of web and mobile applications, ensuring accessibility and convenience across various devices.

Scary Accurate Free Tarot Readings!

Discover your future with free and accurate tarot readings for love, career, and daily guidance at

Tarot7 predictions are incredibly precise and specific and without intermediaries. Select a question, choose a few cards and get your tarot reading immediately.

Tarot7 reads the cards and give you a fast and accurate tarot reading. Tarot7 is already your best daily tarot reader as it helps you make better decisions about any aspect of your life and see the future right now.

No matter you are looking for advice about Love, Yes Or No Question, work or career, Tarot7 got you covered! Just choose the category you want, select a question, and pick a few cards.

Key Features of Tarot7

By incorporating Tarot7, enhances its service offering, providing a reliable, fast, and engaging platform for users seeking tarot readings. This integration not only improves user experience but also boosts the site’s accessibility and functionality.

Installing Tarot7 - Add to Home screen

Tarot7 can be installed on any device (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Ubuntu, etc).

Installing Tarot7 on Android

Tarot7 can be installed on Android using the Chrome web browser.

  1. Click theSettingsbutton of the browser.
  2. Scroll down and tapAdd to Home screen.
  3. Confirm by tappingAdd.

Installing Tarot7 on Iphone & IPad ( iOS )

Tarot7 can be installed on iOS using the Safari web browser or Chrome.

  1. Press the“Share”button. Share button on IOS
  2. Select“Add to Home Screen”from the popup.
  3. Tap the“Add”button.

Installing Tarot7 on Windows

Tarot7 can be installed on Windows using the Chrome or Edge web browser.

  1. Click “Install” at the top right of the address bar.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Tarot7.

Installing Tarot7 on Mac

Tarot7 can be installed on Mac using any browser.

  1. Click on an install button in the address bar.
  2. You’ll be prompted with the install button.
  3. Click on it.