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Is he / she cheating?

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Uncover the truth about your relationship with our ‘Are You Being Cheated On?’ tarot spread. Gain insights into your partner’s feelings, actions, and external influences. Get the guidance you need to navigate your love life.

This tarot reading tells you if he (she) is cheating on you. However, when it comes to knowing if he (she) is unfaithful, nothing is black and white. To be absolutely sure if he or she is cheating you just add a “Yes or No” reading.

Use this Tarot reading also for others around you, such as your Ex, your friends, or whoever you want.

Other examples of questions using this reading:

  • Is he cheating on me?
  • Is she cheating on my friend?

Tarot Spread Explanation

The “Are You Being Cheated On?” tarot spread from Tarot Yourself is designed to provide insights into whether a partner may be unfaithful. This specific spread uses six cards, each positioned to reveal different aspects of the situation and the relationship. Here’s a detailed explanation of the spread and the meaning of each card position:

Card 1: Your Feelings

This card represents your emotions and thoughts about the possibility of being cheated on. It reflects your inner state, anxieties, and the subconscious signals you might be picking up.

Card 2: Partner’s Feelings

This card provides insight into your partner’s emotions and state of mind. It can indicate whether they are emotionally invested in the relationship or if there is a detachment that could suggest infidelity.

Card 3: The Relationship`s Current State

This card assesses the current dynamics of your relationship. It looks at the overall health of the relationship and can highlight any issues that may be contributing to distrust or suspicion.

Card 4: Future of the Couple

This card highlights the potential future and direction of your relationship.

Card 6: Advice

This card offers guidance on how to proceed. It might suggest ways to address the issue, communicate with your partner, or steps to take for your own well-being. It also can hint at the likely outcome if the current trajectory continues.

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