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Looking for love - 10 Cards

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If you’re single and searching for a meaningful relationship but find yourself struggling with the dating scene, our “Celtic Cross - Looking for Love” tarot reading is designed specifically for you.

Tarot Reading: Celtic Cross, Looking for love - Tarot7

What This Reading Offers:

  1. Current Situation- Gain insight into where you are right now in your love life.

  2. A Barrier to Love- Identify what obstacles are preventing you from finding the relationship you desire.

  3. Let This Go- Discover past issues or behaviors that are no longer serving you and learn how to release them to move forward.

  4. The Near Future- Peek into what the near future holds for your love life, helping you understand upcoming opportunities or challenges.

  5. Attitude with Regards to the Situation- Reflect on your current mindset and how it may be influencing your romantic prospects.

  6. What is Truly Driving the Situation- Uncover the deep, underlying factors that are shaping your current love situation.

  7. Advice- Receive practical advice to navigate the complexities of your love life more effectively.

  8. Surrounding Influences- Learn about external factors and influences that are affecting your quest for love.

  9. Hopes and/or Fears- Explore your deepest fears and highest hopes concerning love and relationships.

  10. The Outcome- Get a glimpse of the potential outcome of your love life based on the current trajectory.

All insights and guidance will be carefullyprepared and delivered directly to your email within 48 hoursfrom the date of purchase.

This tarot reading is not just about predicting the future; it’s about empowering you to make informed decisions that lead you to a happy, healthy relationship. Whether you’re facing challenges in connecting with others, feeling puzzled by the dating process, or simply need some guidance on your path to love, this reading is here to help illuminate your journey and guide you towards a fulfilling relationship.

Email readings are an easy and convenient way to receive a tarot reading

  1. No appointments necessary, so you get to read your messages on a schedule that suits you.

  2. You also get a complete written record, including images of the cards, to keep and refer back to as many times as is needed.

  3. No need to take copious notes or try to remember everything your tarot reader told you, all the information is provided for you in a nice neat package.

Finding love with confidence!

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