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Scary Accurate Free Tarot Card Readings. Daily Free Tarot Anywhere and Anytime! Never worry about Love, Relationships, Work and such again!


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Tarot questions by category using Free Tarot Card Reading App: Tarot7

Tarot card reading apps work for all tastes and personalities but Tarot7 offers you the result of experiences passed on from generation to generation by passionate tarologists. Each tarot draw contains secrets and truths to explore. Take advantage of this rich and precious know-how today and get your free tarot reading immediately.

Watch this introductory video — Using Tarot7:

Tarot card reading apps, the solution you need!

If you have a crush for online tarot sites, then the Tarot card reading apps are even better. When you ask yourself questions and the answer doesn’t come, taking a look at Tarot7 app can not only tell you your future but can give you some tips to help you better understand it.

Would you like to look at your future and discover what it has for you? Tarot card reading apps are the solution you need. Tarot cards have been used for several centuries to accurate predict the future and they are the most popular clairvoyance medium. The origin of the tarot cards readings remains a mystery: this divinatory art uses a wide variety of symbols, which are rich in information for those who know how to decipher them.

Tarot7 Main Features

  • Absolutely free with no hidden costs
  • Tarot readings by categories: Love, Money, Relationships, Health, Work and more
  • Tarot questions by answer type: Yes or No, Advice, Choices and more
  • Privately save your tarot readings in your mobile, No over the internet
  • Share your tarot predictions with your trusted friends for advice
  • Down to earth and precise tarot predictions
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Multilingual: English, French, Spanish.

Are Tarot card reading apps Accurate?

Yes, Tarot card reading apps are very accurate. Many years ago, before science discovered the capabilities of our brain, it was believed that only a person could read tarot cards — not any more!

Today we know that shuffling and selecting tarot cards for a Tarot reading works in all possible ways, with or without a traditional tarot card reader. The magic of Tarot card reading apps is not attached to a person nor to a method of card reading and this makes the mystery behind Tarot cards grow even more.

The only difference between an accurate tarot card reading app and a tarot reader that draws tarot cards is in the interpretation of the reading and the influence this person may have on you.

A traditional Tarot reader relies on intuition and memory to interpret tarot card messages and apply them to the question or situation you have. This person captures your energy, sees clairvoyantly, or connects with you in another way. The interaction with you is by answering your questions, listening to your concerns, and in this way creating accurate and detailed tarot cards readings. But, just as not all tarot card reading apps are accurate, people are also not all good in the interpretation of tarot cards.

Tarot Card Reading Apps and New ways to read tarot cards

An accurate and detailed reading of the Tarot cards results not only from the individual interpretation of each card, but also from the collective interpretation of the cards. A good Tarot reader not only communicates the basic descriptions of each card, but also provides a specific reading and an overview of the whole matter.

Thanks to technology, new ways of reading Tarot cards are available to you:

  • Tarot Card Reading Apps — You get a tarot reading on your phone or tablet quickly and directly. The accuracy of the reading depends on each app, you should look for the one you find most comfortable. Some tarot card reading apps allow you to interact with astrologers, tarot readers, clairvoyants, psychics, etc. And other tarot card reading apps interpret tarot cards through artificial intelligence. The fact that these tarot card reading apps are always on your mobile device makes it possible for you to have a tarot reading anytime and anywhere, such as in bed or on an airplane.

  • Pick a card Youtube videos — A tarot card reader, prepare a question, put a line of designated packages of cards with a number so that you can differentiate each group. Before starting the reading, the reader asks you to intuitively choose one of the packages and then listen only to the tarot interpretation for the group you chose.

  • Tarot Reading Websites — Like Tarot card reading apps, most online tarot sites offer fast and accurate tarot reading. Some websites offer an interpretation in a few short sentences, while others are a series of well detailed paragraphs.

  • Readings by phone, skype, faceTime, email and video — This is the traditional tarot reading with a person. You contact a tarot reader by any of these methods and get a remote tarot reading. Readings by phone, video, chat, email, etc. are just as effective as face-to-face reading.

'Relationship spread using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

Eight good reasons to use Tarot card reading apps

Tarot card reading apps is about adding one more tool to your toolbox. Technology is changing the world and the way many things are done. Sometimes we like to use apps to make our lives easier. For example, depositing a check with a picture of our cell phone instead of having to go to the bank.

If you look closely, Tarot card reading apps are the same things as the example of depositing a check. Just as a deposit app does not replace a financial institution, a tarot card reading apps does not replace a tarot reader, but it does give you a new way to get a tarot card reading.

You can still use traditional tarot readers, they are very good and give you a good service but sometimes you don’t need a long and detailed reading for concrete and easy questions, such as: “If I start dating him, what will happen?”.

Some of the benefits of using tarot card reading apps are the following:

  1. You can use tarot card reading apps anytime and anywhere, like in bed or on an airplane.
  2. Tarot card reading apps are free (ads inside).
  3. Tarot card reading apps give you a quick and accurate tarot reading and advice on any subject: love, relationships, work, money, etc.
  4. You can get daily Tarot card readings and as many times as you want.
  5. You can secretly get a tarot card reading on others: loved ones, colleagues…
  6. Tarot card reading apps always tell the truth: not false beliefs or feelings.
  7. Tarot card reading apps are never busy, tired and do not judge you.
  8. There is no need to learn and memorize the meanings of Tarot cards.

Tarot card reading apps always tell the truth — They are not influenced by beliefs, fatigue or feelings.

Yes/No Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

tarot card reading apps AS A DIVINATION SYSTEM

Tarot card reading apps as a system of divination uses the tarot cards. The Tarot goes back many centuries and we can all use it as a simple card game or use it as a system of divination to predict and advise on life situations. It is believed that the first tarot cards appeared in Europe in the 14th century. There is evidence that similarly illustrated and numbered cards have existed in India, and the Far East long before that.

Tarot cards are fascinating but quite complex. There are 78 cards in total, a standard tarot deck contains 22 major cards covering universal archetypes like Lovers, Death, Devil. And, 56 minor cards representing people and everyday events like Work, Love, Money, Health, etc.

Tarot card combinations are in the billions, which makes them very difficult to memorize — Here is where a tarot card reading app can be very helpful for us.

Tarot card reading apps also serve as a psychological tool for all those who are willing to observe themselves and bring light to what is hidden in our mind. The Tarot cards quickly show what is in our heads and hearts so we can make good decisions and prepare for what has to come with confidence.

Tarot card reading apps present our multiple choices in life as the creators of our destiny. And while the purpose of tarot cards as a system of divination is to predict the future, more importantly, tarot cards help us make good decisions.

Tarot card reading apps love to answer questions about spirituality, psychological issues, lessons we are learning, almost anything! But tarot card reading apps will not give you winning lottery numbers.

Tarot card reading apps are like a very wise spiritual friend to whom we can ask daily questions like:

  • My Relationship, what brings for me today?
  • What will my day be like today?
  • What am I supposed to learn today
  • What do I need to know about myself today
  • How can I improve my relationship?
  • How will be my job today?

Tarot readings about love using Free Tarot Card Reading App: Tarot7

Can You Read Tarot Cards For Yourself?

YES! Tarot card reading apps allow you to read the cards yourself. Tarot card readings are a skill that everyone can have, it is a very effective tool for our questions about daily life and how to deal with it.

Tarot card reading apps help you to shed light on current situations that deserve adequate solutions and precise answers right now. Tarot card meanings and interpretations can be related to any sphere of your life and also be related to those of your loved ones.

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of using Tarot card reading apps like Tarot7:

How to Do a Good Tarot card Reading?

Even when using accurate Tarot card reading apps, a good tarot card reading requires a good inner predisposition, knowing how to make the right question, choosing the correct reading, knowing how to listen to the answer, having a good concentration, knowing how to interpret our body and the signals it gives us, connecting with our intuition and also knowing how to ask our friends for advice on the tarot card answers.

Reading tarot cards to see the future is not just a matter of knowing the meaning of each card, combining them with each other and being able to make an interpretation.

In short, there are five steps for a good Tarot card reading:

  1. The question must be clear and well formulated.
  2. Choosing the right tarot card reading.
  3. Good concentration when picking the tarot cards.
  4. Listening your body when reading the tarot cards predictions.
  5. Keep and Share the tarot card reading.

How to Ask a Good Tarot Card question?

Asking effective tarot card questions is difficult. The question must be clear and well formulated. If the question is ambiguous the answer will not be clear. If we want a concrete answer, the question must be concrete:

  • Bad Example: “Will I be fired?” — We are projecting the future, assuming the answer, visualizing a negative situation.

  • Good Example: “What will be the evolution of my work?” — The cards are free to tell us the tendencies for the question and they will also be able to advise us.

As long as we have a clear question, the Tarot will answer us. The Tarot will act as an intermediary between our conscious and unconscious, our mind and spirit.

'Love, what brings for me today?' Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

Choosing the tarot card reading

Once we have a clear question, we should look for the reading that is best for the topic. For complex questions we cannot choose very simple readings like “Past/Present/Future”, they will give us little information and few nuances.

Tarot card reading apps such as Tarot7 contain readings for specific topics that facilitate the interpretation and response of tarot cards. For example, if you want to know if a person is good for you, install tarot7 and use the question: “Is it good for my life?” from the “Love” section.

'Does he loves me?' Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

Good concentration when picking the cards

Tarot card reading apps display tarot cards but you have to choose them. This is a very important moment, from this process will come the tarot cards that will be interpreted. You have to concentrate on the question you ask the tarot cards when you choose them but also keep absolute peace of mind.

As you choose your tarot cards, always keep in mind the question you are interested in.

Listening your body

When reading the result of the tarot cards, you have to be attentive to the messages that your body gives you, they are signs that come from intuition and that we must know how to interpret.

Keep a copy of the tarot reading

It is very important to keep a copy of the tarot reading for later review (photos and notes). When the prediction is fulfilled or not, you will be able to verify the accuracy of the reading of the tarot cards and draw new conclusions.

Share the tarot card readings if need it — If you don’t understand the tarot card message, be sure to share it with your trusted friends, this will give you more information about what the tarot is telling you.

'Relationship, what brings for me today?' Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

Can Tarot card reading apps Be Wrong?

Yes! In the Tarot world there are no absolute truths. There are different factors that can affect when making a tarot prediction, specially if you try Yes or No questions.

Tarot card readings are not an exact science, even if you are using the services of a person who interprets Tarot cards. You or the tarot reader may not be in a good mood and this can also influence the response of tarot cards.

In the same way, Tarot card reading apps can also be influenced by the accuracy with which we ask a question. In other words, you may ask about an event that matters a lot to you, and yet tarot cards reveal that there is a deeper problem that we are not aware of.


Tarot card readings apps are not dangerous. Reading tarot cards is not a magical act. Tarot cards have no personality, they are only drawings with a number of symbols. Therefore, they have no power and their handling is not related to the intervention of the supernatural. The only real problem that could happen is the addiction to tarot readings, read here to find out more…

The practice of tarot for divination consists of a few very simple actions: mixing cards, selecting a number of cards and interpreting them. A tarot reading is a succession of simple gestures that allow the unconscious to express itself. The mechanical aspects of tarot readings show that the daily practice of this discipline is not a super natural act.

Tarot card readings are nothing more than a mirror of oneself, more like extrasensory perception (ESP).

Tarot readings questions for love using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7


Tarot7 is a Tarot card readings app designed to facilitate your daily tarot card readings and as it is a mobile application, never gets tired and doesn’t judge you either. With the knowledge and guidance given to you by Tarot7 take the reins of your existence and grow along with the Tarot cards!

'How Will My Day Be?' Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

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