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50 Accurate Tarot Readings to Avoid Love Mistakes

If the answer you get is not to your full satisfaction, send it to a friend for more opinions

A long relationship that has ended, a stable couple, a home with children that ends with a divorce, an informal relationship with someone who only makes you feel passion… It is impossible to count the number of times the tarot is read each week for people who have questions about love.

Once you install Tarot7, it is very simple to do a love reading and get rid of doubts about romantic issues.

A List Of 50 Accurate Tarot Readings For Love:

  1. If I start dating him, what will happen?
  2. if I ask him out, what will happen?
  3. if I go on a date with him, what will happen?
  4. Does he love me?
  5. Will he stay with me?
  6. Looking for love, what brings for me today?
  7. Relationship, what brings for me today?
  8. Effects of our feelings on the relationship
  9. How can I increase my chances of finding love?
  10. Will it last at least a year?
  11. Is he good for my life?
  12. Will I meet my soulmate this month?
  13. Quality of my relationship
  14. I have a problem in my relationship
  15. Will he return?
  16. Is he attracted to me?
  17. Is he the right person for me?
  18. Is it time to leave him?
  19. Is he being honest with me?
  20. Does he want to get back together with me?
  21. Will I be happy if I move in with him?
  22. Will I be happy if I marry him?
  23. Should I Go or Should I Stay?
  24. Is he ever going to love me?
  25. Is he ever let go of his addiction/habit?
  26. Am I seeing my partner fully, as he really is?
  27. Is he fully aligned with my energy, desires, and dreams for the future?
  28. Is my relationship based on trust, mutual respect, honesty, and full disclosure?
  29. How can I increase my ability to give him love at this time?
  30. Is he cheating on me?
  31. How can I increase my ability to receive his love at this moment?
  32. What can help me define my love for him?
  33. How can I improve my relationship?
  34. What might stand in the way of our love?
  35. What can hinder our love?
  36. Where is my relationship heading in the next three months?
  37. What can I do to find the right match for me?
  38. What can I do to win back my ex?
  39. How can I stop repeating the same bad patterns in my love life?
  40. Is he ever going to commit?
  41. Does he want me?
  42. Does he love me as intensely as I love him?
  43. Does [write the name of the person] love me?
  44. Does he still love me?
  45. My friend’s new boyfriend loves her?
  46. My brother’s girlfriend loves him?
  47. Does my father’s new wife love him?
  48. Does he still love her?
  49. Does he want her?
  50. How can you empower the relationship?

Never Worry about His Feelings for You Again

Tarot questions are not the only way to know if a person really loves you. But sometimes, it’s much better than just a simple guess! Many people come to a tarot reading thinking that their destiny is somehow established for them, that there are forces beyond their control that have the last word. Although destiny may play a role in some events, our actions and reactions will do much more to change the future, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

According to the psychology of couple used in the media, only the behavior of our beloved can offer us a real sample of what he feels for us. But, predicting whether or not your partner loves you is a very important question.

As much as it has been used in Netflix movies, waiting for a “I love you” is not the best way to know if a person really loves you. Neither is trying to glimpse their feelings, for it requires an interpretation in which it is very easy to make a mistake. It doesn’t even help to ask: even if your partner no longer loves you, he will answer you with a emphatic “yes”.

When we are in love it is very easy to misunderstand: words are never as precise as they should be, and what for one side is a compliment to the other can be a hurtful thing. Therefore, the only thing we can be sure of is what our partner really does, the day-to-day actions, which we must scrutinise with purely objective eyes. But what to do if we still do not see it clearly? well, ask the tarot.

“Does He Love Me?” Tarot reading explained

The tarot cards will answer four important issues:

  • “The most likely answer at this time”. It is a direct Yes or No answer.
  • “The future of the relationship right now”.

    • If you are single, this card will tell you whether or not it could work with him.
    • If you are in a relationship, it shows you where the relationship is heading.
  • “What’s really going on right now”. It is something that is helping or harming the situation.

  • “Advice on the best way to proceed at this time”. It is the Tarot advice for you.

Releated Questions to ask tarot cards about love

Resist asking questions that you feel will give you a “guarantee” like “we’ll get married” because that only creates expectations. Instead, focus on questions like “Does he want me?” re-framing will give you information that both of you can use - and that can help you move from fighting to cuddling.

  • Does he want me?
  • Does he love me as intensely as I love him?
  • Does [write the name of the person] love me?
  • Does he still love me?

You can also find out if our loved ones are loved or not:

  • My friend’s new boyfriend loves her?
  • My brother’s girlfriend loves him?
  • Does my father’s new wife love him?

You can also find out if he has feelings for another woman:

  • Does he still love her?
  • Does he want her?

Start the Conversation, Send him the answer of the Tarot reading

Expressing how we feel is not easy. Sometimes you just want the other person to be aware of how it makes you feel, but anger, shame or fear undermine you and the situation turns against you.

You may feel like you can’t take it anymore, that you need to get it out of you, or that you can’t keep quiet about it. For whatever reason, you have to say it so you don’t explode. But when you do, the consequences may not be what you wanted.

Simply put, Tarot7 has a button to share the tarot reading, so press it and send it to him with a simple note: “I’m thinking of you”. The tarot answer is complety private, is it a simple image of your reading that you keep in your phone, the same way as you keep your photos.

'Relationship, what brings for me today?' Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

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