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125 Tarot Readings to Solve Common Questions

A list of common tarot questions and advice on how to act right now.

Many people go to a tarot reading to find answers or a solution to their problems. We are all full of doubts and questions that we don’t know exactly how to ask.

In theory, we can make any kind of tarot questions, whatever we have in mind. Normally, we have the desire to know how some events in our lives will unfold, whether they will be for better or for worse, and with that decide if we have to follow some guidelines.

Tarot7 contains a great list of Tarot questions you can ask right now. However, the most frequent questions that are usually asked are the following:

  1. Ask for advice to resolve hurt feelings.
  2. Family relationships
  3. What do I need to exercise my responsibilities?
  4. How do I assume or should I assume my freedom?
  5. Ask for support to understand a lesson from the past
  6. Find something lost
  7. How do you feed your body?
  8. What actions should I take?
  9. How is my confidence?
  10. Ask for advice to face fears
  11. What do you need to heal spiritually?
  12. Ask about professional/work relationships
  13. Question about decisions / work choices
  14. Will my relationship last?
  15. What part of your body needs to heal?
  16. Question about a new beginning
  17. What should I change?
  18. Ask for advice to create / update your own reality
  19. How is my relationship with money, how can I improve it?
  20. Explore the talents
  21. Question about your past lives
  22. Inquire about what does not favor you or harm you
  23. Ask about the state of your personal integrity, how to improve it?
  24. How to express more spontaneity?
  25. Balance of body, mind and spirit
  26. Ask about your self1.esteem
  27. Dilemma / choice in love
  28. In what way are your relationships a mirror of you?
  29. How can you empower the relationship?
  30. What is the real cause of my anger or discomfort?
  31. What trends does destiny show you?
  32. Is your partner ideal for you?
  33. What is my mental vulnerability?
  34. How can I increase my chances of finding love?
  35. Understanding / clarifying an error
  36. Do you have a dilemma? Taking the right choice / direction
  37. Abandoning negativity
  38. Ask for a reading for the next lunar cycle
  39. About your dreams
  40. I have a problem with my partner
  41. How is the balance of your personal Yin / Yang?
  42. How honest are you with yourself?
  43. Initiatives I should take…
  44. How do I create my reality?
  45. How can I apply more humor in my life?
  46. How do you nurture your spirituality?
  47. A reading from Chakras
  48. Beyond appearances What is there?
  49. What is the quality of your friendships?
  50. Should I leave my relationship?
  51. Ask how to manifest prosperity
  52. How do you communicate?
  53. Yes, No or perhaps? Which of these trends is favored?
  54. Today, describe my day as a whole
  55. Is my partner cheating on me?
  56. How is my sexuality?
  57. What aspects or people need my appreciation?
  58. How is my overall health?
  59. How can I cultivate my objectivity?
  60. Request an astrological reading
  61. What hides behind my sadness?
  62. Ask for a general reading
  63. Ask for spiritual lessons
  64. How can you support your desire to improve?
  65. Ask about your limits, how do you manifest them?
  66. What or who do I need to forgive?
  67. Ask for guidance / spiritual direction
  68. Ask for a new beginning / awakening
  69. How do I strengthen my willpower?
  70. Understand the past, with the idea of changing your perception of it.
  71. How are your financial habits?
  72. Question about your energy levels
  73. Ask about the possible destiny of the relationship. What can help you?
  74. How and in what circumstance should I be more empathetic?
  75. What to focus on
  76. Control of events: Yes or NO?
  77. How should I deal with loneliness?
  78. Where does your true happiness reside?
  79. What do I need to know to make the right choice?
  80. How and where to find the soul mate
  81. What changes should I make?
  82. Ask about your professional concerns
  83. What can you tell me about these options…?
  84. Something I do not know how to express…
  85. What love brings for me today?
  86. In what condition is your home?
  87. How to clarify / lighten the past
  88. In what aspects do I need to improve?
  89. What aspects of my being or my life do I resist letting go?
  90. What or whom do I need to accept?
  91. What does he/she think of you?
  92. Invite acceptance
  93. A new romance
  94. What is the reason for my disorder or illness? Where is it born?
  95. In what aspects should I be more independent?
  96. Is your partner available?
  97. What is the purpose of your life?
  98. How / where to find joy
  99. What alternatives can I contemplate for…?
  100. What are the keys to the success of…?
  101. What trends will mark you in the next 6 months?
  102. Question about your worries and fears
  103. Ask for help in solving a dilemma…
  104. How do you assume your responsibilities?
  105. The Need to Heal the Relationship
  106. What does the immediate future hold for me?
  107. Will I get the money and work that will give me the stability I want?
  108. Will I find true love in my life?
  109. Will I and my loved ones be healthy?
  110. Is my partner faithful to me?
  111. Is my son on the right track, how can I avoid him having those friends?
  112. What is it that prevents me from advancing in life?
  113. Do I suffer from envy or the evil eye of someone?
  114. Will I succeed in my profession?
  115. Does my husband really love me, or has he already lost interest in me?
  116. Will I soon receive the inheritance I am waiting for?
  117. Will the judgment I have to face go well?
  118. How will I resolve my mortgage payments?
  119. Will I be fired from my current job because of downsizing?
  120. Will I have children in my life, what gender will they be?
  121. What happened in my past that is influencing me in the present?
  122. Will I have an accident if I make this trip?
  123. Can I trust my partner or will he deceive me in the short or long term?
  124. Are my loved ones from the afterlife present, are any of them protecting me?
  125. What happens if I don’t follow the path I am on?

We must be concrete in the questions we ask the tarot and stop being ambiguous. The Tarot shows us the options we can choose depending on the decision we make. The tarot does not decide for us, we make the decision. Keep your options open If you know the answer before a ttarot reading, you are not allowing tarot cards to guide your overall decision.

'Relationship, what brings for me today?' Tarot Question using Free Tarot Reading App: Tarot7

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