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Tarot addiction yes or no to card reading

how to recognize toxic friendship with tarot cards

Searching the internet about how people are using tarot cards and astrology, I stumble on a few articles that point to the fact that tarot could become an adiction for some people.

If you have your own Tarot package or a Tarot card reading app on your phone (Tarot7) and a lot of questions in your head… Can you resist the temptation to look at the cards to see how the issue you’re worried about is going to be resolved, to know what feelings that person has for you, how your reduced finances will evolve? It’s hard! sometimes curiosity, anxiety, or worry can outweigh our will.

Psychiatry identifies as a non-toxic addiction certain attitudes of recurrent consumers of tarot card readings and astrology. But when this addiction leads us to make decisions that affect our finances and our emotinal stability, perhaps we are talking about something a little more serious.

Originally Posted in tarotforum.net, Quote:

Please help. In the past 8 months I have ruined my life by spending $1660 on tarot readings, quitting a great job based on a tarot prediction that didn’t come to pass (you’ll meet a guy if you leave your job in November) and basically ended up broken-hearted by letting someone reject and treat me appallingly, who I would have rejected first ages ago if the readings hadn’t portrayed a good future between us.

One of the greatest dangers of going to a person who reads tarot cards is to do so from a childish position, waiting for him or her to tell us something good or bad that will happen to us in the future. Much better is to take a tarot reading from an approach that consists not only of futuristic predictions that can sometimes be useless and lying, but a reading that shows how the person is at a deep level in the various areas of his life: love, work, health, romance, personal growth, and so on.

Tarot7: If you’re not familiar with Tarot readings, Watch this introductory video.

Much of the fascination that astrology or tarot has brought is that it is sometimes used incorrectly to predict the future. Why are we so attracted to predicting the future? Can we really predict what will happen? One of the fundamental reasons for answering these questions is that we all keep a state in our psyche called magical thinking, which is the belief that if we do that kind of thing, something will happen. This originates superstitions, rabbit legs, rituals, etc. Also the profound need for someone to tell us what our future will be like when we are feeling disoriented, anguished and dissatisfied.

The reality is that the greatest danger of consulting the tarot from a magical approach, is to feed our child side because that leaves us in a state of limited awareness, responsibility and maturity. We can also be manipulated, frightened and deceived. The modern tarot must have a completely different approach that enhances our adult capacity to observe the difficulties, resistances and achievements clearly. In this way we will be able to decide what to do with events and be able to change them.

The life we live is a reflection of our unresolved thoughts and emotions. Nothing is casual or fortuitous. We unconsciously seek out and attract the people or situations that make us grow and understand who we are.

Women and men have doubts and problems every day. The tarot tries to bring direction, confidence and meaning to their lives. If we realize, no matter an economic crisis or a natural catastrophe, most people’s questions are oriented to sentimental issues: Unfinished relationships, lack of love, attraction, lovers’ relationships, distancing, abuse, hookups, incomprehension in the couple, abuse … Day by day, deep emotional wounds lead us to repeat over and over again the same behavior patterns that prevent us from advancing, creating great suffering.

For an unknown percentage of people who go to private homes, call on the telephone or use the Internet to pay tarotists for advice, this behaviour may have traits that make it possible to consider it, strictly speaking, as an addiction, with all the risks that this implies for their physical and mental health.

Although talking about tarot addiction might seem like an inappropriate use of the term, in this case we would be dealing with a behavioral addiction of which almost everything is ignored. Only pathological gambling is recognised within these behavioural addictions, which does not mean that there are not many others, such as internet addiction, video games, new technologies, sex, and even substances that had not previously been considered addictive, such as food.

Some people seek advice when making a difficult decision from a psychic or esoteric expert. The main problem faced by people who want the help of a tarot card reader is that there are currently too many offers, so it may be easier to fall into the hands of esoteric phonies than to get good ones.

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